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Young Alum Helps Start Non-Profit for the Arts in Chicago

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Daniel Chávez ’16 journeyed with his family as a toddler to the US, making Coos Bay, OR, home. While his original motivation to pick up the saxophone may have been to impress his crush, Daniel was quickly captivated by learning to create music and a life-long passion began. During his high school years at Marshfield HS, He showed promise as a musician early on and earned a position playing clarinet with the Oregon Coast Lab Band, as their youngest member. His time with this experimental band for young artists provided him his first opportunities to interact with seasoned musicians and perform often in professional settings.
Theresa Walton-Fisette ’93

Alumna’s Sociology Program Experience Built a Foundation for Teaching in Higher Education

Theresa Walton-Fisette ’93 grew up in Union City, CA, then later, Minden, NV, where she graduated from Douglas HS. Her path didn’t lead directly to Southern Oregon State College but in the end, her experiences here meant everything to her.
Carl Green, Jr. ‘09

First in Family to Attend College and First of Siblings to Graduate High School, Takes Life by Storm

For Carl Green, Jr. ‘09, just graduating high school was a first in his family on Kodiak Island, Alaska. With his mom caring for four children, Carl admittedly was a bit on the obstinate and wayward side during his junior high and early high school years. He didn’t really know what his options were after graduating. It was a commitment to joining the Alaska Army National Guard that really set him up for success.
Estrella Medrano

Bilingual Experience Helps Alumna Land at Phoenix Elementary

For Estrella Medrano ‘19, staying home for her college education wasn’t her first choice but it ended up being her best choice. Estrella grew up in Ashland then Medford, graduating from North Medford High School in 2016. Because of her close-knit family, she felt it best to attend SOU so she could be near them. She earned scholarships though, which allowed her to live on campus in Raider Village for three complete years. It ended up being a great experience that she would never trade. “I was able to meet so many unique and different people staying on campus. It really allowed me the freedom to experience life and find out who I was,” she said.
Nathan White ’98 & MAT ’99

Alum’s Teacher Education Experience Built His Classroom and Coaching Career

Nathan White ’98 & MAT ’99 grew up in rural Canyonville, just over an hour north of Ashland. He had aspirations of attending the U.S. Air Force Academy but really wanted to continue playing football beyond high school so he honed in on what SOU had to offer academically and athletically. He credits former SOU faculty member and assistant football coach Tom Powell with helping him to narrow his options down to the Raiders.
Andie Anderson

Alumna’s SOU and Chilean Exchange Experiences Reap Benefits for the Rogue Valley

Andie Anderson ’13 grew up in the small town of Eureka in Humboldt County in northern California, amidst the redwoods. She really didn’t know much about Southern Oregon University until an admissions representative came down to visit at a high school college fair.  She had a distinct interest in studying Spanish language but was intrigued by SOU and made the point of visiting campus. She came to Ashland on a beautiful day and loved the small-town feel, which was similar to her hometown, minus the gray fog. She was hooked!
Evan Bell

Liberal Arts Degree Pays Off with Emmy Award

Evan Bell ’07, worked his way into a great job and cites his degree in history from SOU for launching his career. While growing up in the small I-5 town of Wolf Creek, just north of Grants Pass, Evan was a self-proclaimed history junkie and often had to get pried away from the History Channel to do chores.
Ben Fiscus

Alum’s Optimism and Enthusiasm is Contagious

They say that optimism and enthusiasm is contagious. Well, in the case of Ben Fiscus ’10, optimism is at the forefront of his attitude and outlook on life. Ben grew up in Grants Pass, the son of a law enforcement officer. He was around police all the time as a youngster and knew that someday, that would be his route in life as well.
Heather Bailey

Alumna’s Ashland to Stanford Experience Secures Silicon Valley Career

Heather Bailey ’12 grew up in Ashland and even had SOU alumna Carol Moody MS ’69 as her second and third grade teacher at Bellview Elementary School. Many young people avoid attending college in their hometown, seeking instead, to get away from where they grew up. But Heather knew about the strong reputation of the chemistry department at SOU then applied and earned a Presidential Academic Scholarship and just like that, she was staying home for her collegiate undergraduate experience.
Karolina Lavagnino

Alumna is a Dual Citizen Who Leads in the Community

You know an SOU international student loves the unique nature of the region when they stay after graduation and become an integral part of the community. For Karolina Lavagnino ’03 & MiM ‘06, it was a decision that she has always embraced. Karolina grew up in Bydgoszcz, Poland, a city of around 500,000. There, she studied English at the local university (Uniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego in Bydgoszcz) as an undergrad, earning a BA then earned her MA at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.