Ryan Wines


My time at SOU was the most transformative season of my life. Coming from a small town in Oregon, the progressive, creative nature of Ashland and the University challenged me in ways I’d never imagined and helped me believe I could accomplish anything I could dream of. It was magical.”


Portland, Oregon


BS Business, 2001

Current Occupation

Co-founder and CEO of Marmoset Music

Ryan’s Story

Before graduating from SOU’s School of Business, Ryan realized he had a passion for music while working as a college radio DJ at the SOU radio station.

Ryan is now the co-­founder and CEO of Marmoset Music.  In less than four years, Ryan turned a random idea between two guys into a rocketing creative agency, shepherding a vibrant conduit between the Pacific Northwest’s independent music community and the global creative community.  Marmoset is a boutique music agency that crafts original music for story driven films, advertising, and television.  The company’s work has been featured in Super Bowls, viral brand campaigns, the Academy Awards, the Grammys, and several award winning films.

In addition to leading the continually evolving direction of his business, Ryan co-­pilots Marmoset’s creative teams and produces original music.  A fiery advocate for artists, Ryan recently gave a TED Talk on nurturing curiosity, fostering a creative culture, and the thrill of loving the work that you do.  He recently won the 2014 Portland Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” award.