Mike Budreau `10


Degree: BA Criminology, 2010
Hometown: Medford, OR
Current Occupation: Medford Police Department Lieutenant

“My education at SOU allowed me to see the big picture when it came to criminal justice. Before my education, I relied on what we have done instead of what we can do to change or make things better.”

Mike’s Story:

Mike definitely feels like he received so much from his degree and time spent at SOU. After already being an experienced officer in the field, he decided to come to SOU a little bit later in life to pursue his degree. He appreciated having the field experience while going to SOU so he could apply his new understandings to his experiences and draw on those for a deeper level of learning. Mike has much respect for professors like Lee Ayers and he values how much she and others have added to his police work and expertise.

Mike lives with his wife Kim in Medford, which is the city he grew up in. Mike is passionate about helping southern Oregon. “I became a cop here because I care about what happens here.” Mike has worked for the Medford Police Department since 1991 in numerous capacities such as SWAT member, Detective Sergeant, and now Lieutenant . He takes full pride in his work and in his city.


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